For the attention of potential partners

If your promising and rapidly developing non-public IT, agricultural, pharmaceutical company, potentially launchable in the international market, we are willing to invest our own resources or assist in finding reliable investors or provide project support for it.

If you have:

Interesing business-ideas
Elaborated business-plan or project
Ongoing business subject to further development and expanding

Our company is willing to offer:

  • Consulting on detailed technical and economic feasibility study;
  • Prmary investments in order to build up the project to the scale which would meet requirements of institutional investors (banks and funds);
  • Joint project management and advisory support in order to comply with targered indicators.

Our vast experience in large-scaled project management will help your projects go sky high!

General criteria for investment project selection

  • Small- or medium-scaled business
  • High potential, economic efficiency, smart elaborated strategy
  • Priority sectors without limitations, but agricultural, pharmaceutical and IT sectors are preferrable
  • Distinct vision on project exit

Financial criteria for investment project selection

  • Potential partners with reasonable experience in represented field are prferrable
  • Participation of DEMEU team in a day-by-day financial management
  • The project should have potential of becoming an independent company with regard to covering current operational expenditures(break-even)